[70+] Tanhai Shayari in Hindi (2022) | तन्हाई शायरी

[70+] Tanhai Shayari in Hindi (2022) | तन्हाई शायरी

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Many times such a time comes in our life that we feel lonely, then at that time we need Tanhai Ki Shayari through which we can share our feelings.

So today we have brought for you special Tanhai Par Shayari, which you will like to read, read this Hindi Shayari on Tanhai and by commenting below, tell me how did you like this Shayari Tanhai.

Tanhai Shayari

How strange is the loneliness of this city,
There are thousands of people but no one is like him..!!

I am the heart, I am lonely,
Would have been nice to have you too..!!

Do not get burned in the fire of loneliness,
Now someone can save my house..!!

Don’t let the laughter of all the time ruin you,
In the moments of loneliness, even by crying sometimes..!!

I have always called you in loneliness,
Listen carefully, O Sanam,
Life seems incomplete without you..!!

The loneliness started biting me like this,
I got scared by the sound of my feet today..!!

Without you, everything changes,
Yesterday even the sun didn’t hit the wall completely..!!

How can I leave loneliness in loneliness,
This loneliness has supported me in loneliness..!!

I am used to loneliness
Leave me tell me how are you..!!

We are tired of walking alone now,
Whoever goes to the destination, he needs a road,
The burden of loneliness does not lift anymore,
Now we also need a companion..!!

Tanhai Shayari in Hindi

Knowing this happened after separation from you,
That was not only you, I had a whole world with you..!!

It’s okay, no one dies in separation,
God do not separate anyone from anyone but..!!

Just like in loneliness we punish our hearts,
Write your name and erase it by writing it..!!

It is not necessary that he should also take care of me,
The condition of mine is the same for him too..!!

O my heart, never even expecting a third one,
Only you and me are in this dash-e-solitude..!!

The shadow of the relationship was found, not the relationship,
Whatever it is, just got lonely here..!!

Somewhere evening falls, somewhere it is night,
Live alone and do not talk to anyone,
The desire to meet you does not allow the heart to be entertained,
In loneliness, it rains intermittently from the eyes..!!

You are sitting alone in the memories,
Losing laughter without lips,
Let there be no darkness in your world,
That’s why my own heart is burning..!!

Now he doesn’t even remember
How lonely have you become..!!

Anxiety increases in sham-e loneliness,
One does not know about you, the other does not know your answer..!!

Tanhai Ki Shayari

In this way we secure peace,
I feel you whenever I am lonely..!!

The loneliness of my soul would have opened on you,
Have you ever looked into my eyes..!!

To someone the truth of love will kill,
someone will be killed by the depth of pain,
No one can live by being separated in love,
And if he survives, he will be killed by loneliness..!!

How will my nights pass without you
How will these nights bear the sorrow of loneliness,
These clocks are too long to wait,
These nights will be cut by changing sides..!!

Life just happened like this,
With the convoy and the journey is lonely..!!

Was sitting for a while in loneliness,
Your memory started hurting my eyes..!!

Tired of loneliness, we went out in search of love,
But love was found in such a way that it became lonely..!!

After we are gone, this sea will also ask you,
Where has gone the person who came in loneliness,
Used to write only your name..!!

The loneliness of the heart is made a post,
When the pain crosses the limit, they run Facebook..!!

Even smiling in loneliness is love,
And to hide this thing the most is also love..!!

Tanhai Par Shayari

The fate of mine and that moon is the same,
He is lonely in the stars and I am alone in thousands..!!

Don’t take my loneliness as my hobby,
Someone has given this gift with a lot of love..!!

The time is with you only to say,
But hiding in the heart a loneliness grows..!!

No matter how velvety the way may be, of love,
But it ends where there are ruins of loneliness..!!

Many pains are hidden in my chest but your one smile seems incomplete.
Now without you knowing why every evening seems incomplete..!!

What was not among the queens of the shining city,
Went out to find the one who just didn’t have the same face,
We are the same, you are the same, the weather is the same, the scene is the same,
I never thought that the distance will increase..!!

Some have come close to your heart like this,
We went closer to Tanhaiyo..!!

In love, there is only a shadow of loneliness everywhere,
In love only some people have found true love..!!

Seeing me alone, those paths make me cry,
On whom I never lived without you..!!

The fragrance of your existence is in your breath,
This is another matter, stay out of sight..!!

Shayari Tanhai

Do not find my character in the crowd of the world,
The faithful always get lonely..!!

cry on your sorrows cry on your happiness,
What is taught to be separated from someone..!!

Gumsum lives in the sweet fragrance,
Share my loneliness with your feeling..!!

I have that example like a tree,
Quietly stood alone even in the storms..!!

If you ever come in the aspect, I will tell you,
Hal-e-Dil will tell you all my heart,
How have we spent lonely nights alone,
Will show you the yearning of that night..!!

Don’t ask how every moment passes without you
Sometimes the desire to meet, sometimes the desire to see..!!

I’m still alive but I keep thinking I’m alone
With the help of which wish I have lived till now..!!

Come back and meet the same yearning,
Now give me the stitch of my loyalties,
I have seen many seasons of loneliness,
Now join my heart with your heart..!!

The same paths on which you were once with me,
Stopped me and asked where is your companion..!!

We kept looking at everyone in Anjuman,
We have not found anyone alone like us..!!

Hindi Shayari on Tanhai

We have a big favor for this loneliness, sir.
If you don’t give it your own, then know where we go..!!

Don’t talk about loneliness, friend
Otherwise it will become jam and infamous liquor..!!

Sometimes his heart must have been frightened in loneliness,
Must have slept with my picture on my chest..!!

Do not get lonely after any companion,
After a meeting that does not get separated,
No one should get used to anyone so much,
That every breath also comes after his memory..!!

No matter what you think about me,
It is only my God that I have never wished bad to anyone..!!

After his departure, the support of loneliness is found,
Came in its lap, did not come out again..!!

You are sitting alone in the memories,
Without you the laughter of the lips is lost,
Let there be no darkness in your world,
That’s why my own heart is burning..!!

Then give me once from far away forever,
Make me feel my loneliness..!!

Finding him, losing him, crying in his hijra,
If this is love then we are good alone..!!

In this way we will protect the loneliness,
I will remember you when I miss you..!!

loneliness shayari

We can’t sleep in loneliness,
Every night passes by remembering someone..!!

Gumsum lives in the sweet fragrance,
Share my loneliness with your feeling..!!

Where did you pass in the desire to do something?
We were seen alone wherever we passed..!!

Maybe this is also a way of life, friends,
The one who got someone became more lonely..!!

Anxiety increases in sham-e loneliness,
One does not know about you, the other does not know your answer..!!

Tonight who is lonely like me,
I’ll pass somehow
You are not troubled, don’t do Bab-e-Karam-wa,
And I will call for sometime and go away..!!

Ever since I saw the moon lonely,
No complaints from you too..!!

Leaving was a well thought out conspiracy,
Otherwise you could even fight..!!

Drinking the poison of life like this,
Living life without your love,
We are no longer afraid of loneliness,
I am living alone after you are gone..!!

I am the heart, I am lonely,
Whoever you were would have been better..!!

In this way we secure peace,
I feel you whenever I am lonely..!!

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