[80+] Dhoka Shayari in Hindi (2022) | धोखा शायरी

[80+] Dhoka Shayari in Hindi (2022) | धोखा शायरी

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Dhoka Shayari

Dhoka Shayari

Maybe they had nothing to give,
So he cheated..!!

You can never cheat a person,
That’s you yourself..!!

Once someone’s deceit breaks the heart,
So it can hardly connect again..!!

Today my heart is tormented, which was once beating,
Today again I remember you old,
The promise to live with you was your Lincoln,
Today everything came to your mouth..!!

He cheated but
They are not ashamed of this
Weirdly unfaithful girl,
The existence of being a human has been lost..!!

We had loved someone,
But we got cheated..!!

I don’t know what happened to us
All the happiness has gone away from us,
Unknowingly, I fell in love with an unfaithful one,
The same punishment was deceived..!!

It was not easy for you to get along
You defame me by cheating..!!

It is better to live by being deceived, learn to live alone.
Love doesn’t play along in this world, know this..!!

Why did you cheat me
I made love true..!!

Dhoka Shayari in Hindi

Dhoka Shayari in Hindi
Dhoka Shayari in Hindi

What was the fault of this crazy person,
just wanted to make you my own,
would have been given a chance,
There is no reason to leave us..!!

He used to make only himself,
In reality there was no one greater than him..!!

Your steps used to keep staggering,
We thought that you do not know how to walk..!!

I know he still loves me
He is a bit stubborn but not a cheater..!!

How is it that our fate has been torn everywhere,
There is only love in my heart but I have found unfaithful people everywhere..!!

Have eaten millions of deceptions and will bear one deception,
You take your doli, we will call our mother a procession..!!

The doors of the heart still open,
He does not walk from his side..!!

I was his favorite toy
He used to connect everyday to break me again..!!

People often lose in love,
People are remembered in the name of punishment
To others just for your happiness,
People get cheated innocently..!!

I should go away from your life, it was your prayer,
Your every prayer is accepted, this is my prayer..!!

Rishte Dhoka Shayari

Rishte Dhoka Shayari
Dhoka Wali Shayari

Often they cheat
Who trusts someone more than necessary..!!

Somebody will tell how to bury that dream,
Those who die in the heart..!!

I loved you so much
I knew everything about you
You suddenly gave me such pain,
Gave the gift of cheating to my heart..!!

didn’t think it would ever happen,
That we will be deceived at every turn of the road..!!

Not every cheater is a cheater,
Some luck is also written..!!

Now humans are not at the speed of the weather,
Changes with the speed of the wind..!!

Whom we remember every day,
She is busy making someone else happy..!!

Answer to every SORRY,

So devastated that the devastation was not seen,
Didn’t even get the medicine to cure love..!!

Keeps minds in hearts,
You meet everyone with love..!!

Pyar Me Dhoka Shayari

Dosti Me Dhoka Shayari
Dhokha Shayari

There is only one mirror which till date,
Haven’t cheated anyone..!!

The end of the life of useless life,
The kind of world we are like..!!

Your friendship has given so much to you,
After you do not like anyone,
If infidelity is to be done by this act,
No one should be unfaithful after you..!!

What was the punishment for laughing while crying?
He got the happiness of my life,
And every sorrow of his life came to my part..!!

Thank God who did not keep the tears colored,
Otherwise the pillows that get wet in the night would have told our secrets..!!

One sided but my love is true,
This is also a secret, it is good if it remains a secret..!!

One should not cry so much for any human being,
that you forget to keep yourself happy..!!

Have played many characters in this short life,
But being sad was the hardest thing to show happy..!!

There was a promise to live and die together,
There was a promise not to leave even with the dead,
Why did you become vocal about everything?
O Sanam, you went away after cheating on me..!!

Heart was broken the first time,
Later it had insisted on being cheated..!!

Dosti Me Dhoka Shayari

Pyar Me Dhoka Shayari
Dhoka Ki Shayari

You get cheated by your loved ones, sir.
Otherwise, who believes the people after all..!!

I got cheated instead of love
Still no offense to you,
It’s just a prayer that you love
He would never make you cry..!!

This is the only shame we have from our loved ones,
Whoever has been deceived has been cheated..!!

Surely it’s not your fault that you cheated us,
You are also a human being, the fault was ours, mistook you as God..!!

What did I not see in his desire,
But cried only on that day when, by cheating,
I didn’t even look at you..!!

As valuable as trust was,
The more expensive the deception becomes,
Who knows the price of honesty
Here every dishonest becomes a king..!!

Don’t make fun of anyone’s helplessness guys,
Sometimes life gives chance and sometimes it cheats..!!

Cheating is one of the biggest sins..!!

Those people are very lucky,
Those who do not have to become a victim of deceit in love and friendship..!!

Don’t know the memory but
Shame on him..!!

Boyfriend Dhoka Shayari

Boyfriend Dhoka Shayari
Dhoka Shayari in Hindi

He wants more than me, this illusion will be broken in a few days,
I will definitely remember that unfaithful,
When his side will get angry with her unnecessarily..!!

Every cheater makes his upbringing statement..!!

deceive the world,
Not myself..!!

What a cool word, doesn’t it make one feel happy?
The other feels bad, in the end both cry after losing each other..!!

Learned love and parted,
neither thought nor understood, got angry,
Whom in the world should we call ours,
If you are unfaithful..!!

Man forgets everything except those moments,
When he needed his loved ones and they were not with him..!!

Relationships broke down and shattered,
Slowly they always went away,
Our silence has become a crime for us,
And he became innocent by committing a crime..!!

Have to leave even if you don’t want to, sometimes
Some compulsions are deeper than love..!!

There was not a single moment of peace in life,
I could not find myself alone in this crowd of the world,
Keep considering your wounds as love,
Don’t fall in love with anyone in your deception..!!

The whole day is spent in reconciling myself,
Then the wind of his remembrance blows in the night,
And we fall apart again..!!

Love Dhoka Shayari

Love Dhoka Shayari
Hindi Shayari

As calmly as I did love,
He also cheated with a lot of fun..!!

How unfaithful we are, we have gone out of his heart at once,
How much loyalty was there in them, till today it has not come out of our heart..!!

had ended all the happiness of life on you,
If you ever get free time, then think who did love..!!

Don’t know how many pains that are not patient,
Emerging as a grave in life..!!

Can’t tell my heart to them,
Can’t live without saying, O God,
It was such a fate that he himself would come and say to us,
That we can’t live without you..!!

Don’t give us the false feeling of being together,
People do not meet even by living among us..!!

I have heard that while leaving, he said,
that now we will come only in your dreams,
Somebody tell them to make that promise,
We will sleep for life..!!

There will be a gathering of infidels,
You are a special guest..!!

Even today our hearts are deceived.
If there is a difference, only used to laugh so much earlier, now they make me cry..!!

Wounds that don’t bleed
Understand that someone has given that wound..!!

The one who cheats makes a bigger mistake than the one who cheats,
Close your eyes and believe..!!

Best Dhoka Shayari in Hindi

Best Dhoka Shayari in Hindi
Dhoka Shayari

One who learns by deceiving,
He cannot get that lesson from any book in the world..!!

Once thank you to the cheater, he will definitely say,
Because you saved him in time..!!

Don’t be deceived
But you must learn from those mistakes..!!

The fire started in the heart when he was angry,
felt when he woke up,
He could not give anything by doing it,
But a lot was given when he became unfaithful..!!

Can’t forget your deception
Even if you can never smile,
You have got your friend,
We will not be able to make anyone of our own..!!

I am reading the book of love,
If you become a lawyer then the traitor is not well..!!

What did those 4 days get?
We are not able to live for 4 days..!!

I used to accept every moment of time,
but to be separated from you,
This punishment has become too much..!!

I will do my duty to pay for my love,
You will always be happy and will keep praying this..!!

I don’t know, luck was bad
Or someone’s eyes on our love..!!

Make friends a little less,
But stay away from cheating friends..!!

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