Attitude Shayari Hindi 2022

Attitude shayari in hindi

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Castles of cards are not built in a storm,
Crying doesn’t make matters worse,
Have the power to conquer the whole world, O man,
Because one defeat does not make people a fakir and one victory does not make a sikandar..!!


We rule the hearts
We convince even the angry,
Meetings are rarely ours,
But whenever we meet, we smile..!!


I just looked at myself in the mirror,
So it came to know that innocent people are still alive in the world..!!


It is not enough in this time to erase us,
We have our own time, we are not from the time..!!


They have the liver to shed the ocean, but
We are not used to the show of Aashiqui, friend..!!


No need to identify
We are registered in government papers..!!


The sea does not bow at the feet of the situation,
Broken stars never fall to the ground,
Waves fall in the sea with great passion,
But the ocean never falls in the waves..!!


You are new, son, I have played old games,
The people on whose strength you jump are my old disciples..!!


Don’t be afraid we scare everyone
Teach a lesson to the good,
wherever we live,
Show your generosity..!!


Not only the dagger in the hand, water is also needed in the eyes,
We also need a little family of enemies..!!


We do not borrow anything from life,
Even if you take the shroud, then by giving your life..!!

Best Attitude Shayari In Hindi

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Attitude shayari in hindi


Like not every question has an answer,
In the same way, not every person is a Nawab like us.


Will decorate your friendship on the eyelids,
As long as there is life, we will play together
We have nothing to give but
Will definitely go to God to seek your happiness..!!


I also like to play with my heart, friend,
But I do not like the game in which the toy breaks..!!


Brother’s reach is from Delhi to the graveyard,
The voice goes to Delhi and the enemy to the graveyard..!!


If you cared about the outcome,
We stop loving
There is stubbornness in love,
And we are very strong of stubbornness..!!


When the bites also start licking,
So understand that the time is yours..!!


Will calculate soon
Then you will not beg for forgiveness..!!


The fun of being a free bird is something else,
The intoxication of living life on your own terms is something else.
Otherwise, the facts often make us cry,
There is nothing more fun than living in a misunderstanding!


It is said that we do not indicate everything with our tongue.
Those who walk on the sky do not pass through the ground,
We have the courage to change every situation,
We do not follow every decision of the time!


Don’t need stars
Don’t need unnecessary friends
Have a friend like us,
Those who put thousands of watts!



We will find our destination
Those who consider themselves to be kings,
One day he will definitely dance in his court!


So someone’s attitude is,
We have one heart
He’s so cute too!


Don’t even try
Because we are more than applause,
Greetings welcome!


Meaning that the cycle of life ends,
Now that’s the kind of world we’re in!


I have a tendency to touch the sky by staying on the ground,
But they do not like to lift anyone up by falling.


It is useless to go there where there is no value,
Whether it is someone’s home or someone’s heart!

Attitude Shayari hindi 2022


Whether the game is of cards or of life,
Show your ace only when there is a king in front!


the decency of the Sharifs,
and our silliness,
Nobody likes it!


Our secret is everywhere.
in the hearts of those who like and
In the minds of the haters!


If our nature was not to endure,
So you don’t have the courage to say anything!


You will find better than what is lost,
Be patient my friends will come on their day too!


Often my enemies get burnt by my style
Because with a long time I neither changed friends nor love!


If someone blows with love, it will be extinguished
Huge storms were extinguished by hatred to quench me!


awesome attitude shayari in hindi


If you want to win, increase your ability
Luck’s bread meets even the dogs!


If the desire was for your body, you would have snatched it from the world
That’s why we ask God for love from your soul!


Fake coins that have just run in the market
They are finding faults in my character!


Pyaar Ishq Mohabbat is all deception
Attitude is enough in your life!


timeless. without any reason. unaccounted for. I smile
I just defeat half the enemies!


I’m pissed about this thing
I don’t mind bowing my head!


Not that your stature has decreased
Seeing the sheet as our own, we were confined to ourselves!


Do not ignore us like a poet,
If we turn our eyes, then the beauty market will fall!


My enemies are also my fans.
From time to time take my name,
Hiding daggers pass through my street,
Congratulations on being introduced!


Not only the dagger in the hand, water is also needed in the eyes,
We also need a little family of enemies!


If I want to burn in my destiny, then I will get burnt,
I am not your promise that will change,
Do not explain to me the principles of my life,
I myself will stumble and recover!


If you are in the midst of accidents, should you stop smiling?
Why stop building a house because of the fear of floods!


It is the heart whether one’s head is bowed at the feet or not,
Bandgi is your nature, whether it is God or not!


Those times that could erase us have no power,
We have our own time, we are not from the time!


It is said that everything is not indicated with the tongue,
Those who walk on the sky do not survive on the ground,
We have the courage to change every situation,
We do not waste every decision of the time!


Who says we will die without him,
We are the river and will go down in the sea,
They will yearn for a drop of love,
We are clouds and will rain somewhere else!

Shayari intro

Shayari is a type of poetry written in the Urdu language. Shayaris are generally about love and romance. There are many types of Shayari including ghazal, nazm, qasida, rubaiyat, etc.
Here we have compiled some beautiful Shayari for you to enjoy!

1. Ghazals
Ghazal is a poem written in couplets (a verse consisting of two quatrains) with the rhyme scheme ABAB. In a ghazal, the first line consists of the word “woh” while the second line starts with “Aaye”. The third line begins with “Kya” and the last line ends with “Nahi”.
2. Nazms
Nazm is a long poem in the Persian language. It is composed of three parts: beginning, middle, and end. Each part contains four stanzas. The beginning of a nazm is called the Mardan, the middle is known as the kasra, and the end is referred to as the badam.
3. Qasidas
Qasida is a poetic composition in the Arabic language. It is a narrative poem that tells a story. The structure of a qasida includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is made up of five lines, the body contains ten lines, and the conclusion has seven lines.
4. Rubaiyat’s
Rubaiyat is a short poem in the Persian language. These poems are often set to music and song at weddings and other social gatherings.
5. Takhallus
Takhallus is a term used in Urdu poetry to refer to the meter of a poem.
6. Nastaleeq
Nastaleeq is a musical mode in Arabic music.

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