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Bewafa Shayari Hindi

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Bewafa Shayari Hindi


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These lovers are also very strange,
If you are loyal, you cry and if you are unfaithful, you cry.


We have seen bad in the world as a result of love,
We have also seen unfaithful people who were promised loyalty.


Even if she met me, she became unfaithful.
It was not so much my crime that I was punished.


You consider me to be unfaithful, I will consider you as a rogue
This is a good reason to forget each other forever.


This anonymous tear flowing from my eyes,
Is asking you the reason for this infidelity of yours.


Leave these things about who did the unfaithful and who is the unfaithful
Well come on, tell me who is ‘Tanha’ today.


Oh people of the world, why do you hate love?
If Mehboob is your unfaithful, then what is the crime of love in this?


Listen, your thought has not been erased from my heart yet.
O unfaithful, I have not forgotten you yet.


What do you know the extent of infidelity this friend,
He kept on learning to love us for someone else.


I had the stubbornness to try my skills or else,
We knew that you would be unfaithful.


He could not even know my condition, seeing us helpless,
We too could not say anything after seeing them happy.

Dangerous Infidelity Shayari


The weather will change, it is the gift of nature,
I am sorry to change you.


These love accidents often break hearts,
Leave the destination, people leave them on the way.


If my favors didn’t work, then what should we do?
What to do if love does not forget that unfaithfulness.


Forgiven you for every mistake, Forgot every letter of you,
Still, you stitched my love by being unfaithful.


Don’t talk to us like this, Sanam so rudely,
You seem to have started being unfaithful to some extent.


How can I say bad to this infidelity of yours,
This is the one that made me famous all over the city.


You have accused me of infidelity,
That court was also yours and you were the witness.


Don’t be so angry with me, this Sanam,
We can be unlucky, but not unfaithful.


That love has learned from me,
Now whatever he does, he will do it vigorously.


She does not like a ghazal immersed in love,
And on every lion of infidelity, they wow.


Everyone’s noble intentions have sharpened my skills,
Someone’s infidelity and someone’s false promises.


Whoever used to say that you are my life,
Today he tells us that you are an unfaithful,
The one for whom we were the reason to live life,
Today they say that you are a punishment.


You are not lonely
Willing not be separated from anyone,
Love is drowned by compulsions,
Otherwise there would be no unfaithfulness to happiness.


Now the heart refuses to show mercy,
Now the heart gets scared in the name of love
There is no need for any consolation now,
Because now the heart is filled with every comfort.


He is happy leaving me
So how’s the complaint?
Now if I don’t even see them happy, then how is love?


We prayed for the wounds after eating,
We have just passed our age,
Seeing the one whose heart used to hurt,
We burnt that picture today.


When did our lives fall apart?
Laughing all died in my heart,
Ever since she sat in the doli,
All our desire to live has died.

Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

—#29—Bewafa Shayari in Hindi

First life was snatched from me,
Now she takes advantage of my death too.
On the pretext of offering flowers to my grave,
She comes to meet someone else.


There is a secret in every heartbeat,
There is also a way of telling the matter,
Until the stumbling block is unfaithful,
Everyone is proud of their love.


There was such a glow on his face,
that even weeping in his memory was acceptable,
Can’t even call him unfaithful,
We have done love, that was innocent.


I will cry a lot the day I remember
will come and say there was a lunatic who
was crazy only for me……..


There’s a secret in every heartbeat
have a way of saying
of infidelity until the stumbling block
Everyone is proud of their love.


You are the one that will not be in your favor, nor will it happen,
One we have not asked, nor will we do.


She is happy by separating from me,
O world, don’t call him unfaithful.


Your thought has not been erased from my heart,
Bewafa I have not forgotten you now..!!

Shaadi Bewafa Shayari


The result of love we saw bad in the world,
We have seen unfaithful to those who claimed to be faithful..!!


Don’t talk to us like this rudely Sanam,
You have started being unfaithful..!!


Come once in my eyes like tears,
Tuckling hurts by texture..!!


He has changed the love, then how is it surprising?
If the prayer is not accepted, then people change even to God.


We have your oath, we will not give you sorrow
Your eyes are moist because of us
I can’t do such a big deal on you.


Everyone’s noble intentions have carved my hood,
Someone’s infidelity, someone’s false promises.


Forgive all your mistakes, Forgive all your mistakes,
It is sad that you stitched my love by being unfaithful.


Hugging in the gathering, he said softly,
This is the ritual of the world, do not misunderstand love.


I don’t teach you anything about your infidelity,
It’s a shame if you have played with someone.


Why does this happen in love?
They weep in infidelity and we have cried in loyalty.


Despite everything, the pain of this heart does not go away,
Because luck made us bewafai.


The people of the world also have a strange custom, infidelity meets Mehboob,
And it becomes unfaithful love.


We became helpless while doing Wafa in love,
And he became happy even after infidelity.


We thought that he came back for our love,
But he came back unfaithful only for his work!


When he was asked to answer for distance and indifference,
So by making us Bewafa, he answered to break the relationship with us.

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