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Hindi Shayari

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New hindi shayari in hindi


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don’t ask ever again,
that what you look like to me,
Like a heartbeat is necessary for the heart,
Well you are necessary for my breath..!!


I wish you could understand
That how much we fight daily with this wish,
Someday you will get your destination,
Stumbling is not poison, we will die after eating it..!!


we love you,
This we agree
what we couldn’t say before
Today they show..!!


Wanted wealth, then went out to earn,
If we got wealth, the relationship got out of hand,
Didn’t get time to be with kids
When I got time, the children went home.


Can’t even take a breath
without your thoughts,
And how did you accept this?
I will live my life without you..!!


how much love you
I’ll never give an explanation
I will support you like a shadow,
But I will not see..!!


We love your voice
We can’t express that much
You are like that God for us,
Which we can’t see..!!


He did not come, his memory was lost.
The desire to meet him ruined the peace,
When there was a sound of the door, I got up and saw,
The joke got wind of us..!!


I have found you smelling in my breath,
You have been called in every dream,
Why don’t you remember me?
When God has made you for us..!!


Ever since I looked into your eyes,
No mirror looks good
Your love has become crazy like this,
It doesn’t feel good if someone else sees you..!!


She started saying
Even in the mask, you recognize yourself among thousands,
I smiled and said,
“Love” started from your eyes, among thousands..!!

Hindi Shayari


The search was mine and he was wandering,
The heart was mine and it was beating,
Love is strange,
Thirst was mine and he was sobbing..!!


Sometimes weeps and sometimes weeps with smiles,
Whenever I remembered you, forgot you and cried,
There was only your name, which was written a thousand times,
I cried more than I was happy to write..!!


The love was such that I could not tell them,
The injury was on the heart, so I could not show it,
We didn’t want to be away from them,
But the distance was so much that we could not erase it..!!


If you lived forgetting him, what did you live?
If you have the guts, show it after finding it.
Write the story of your love on the stones,
And if the ocean has the guts, then show it by erasing it..!!


We have rebelled against rituals,
We have fallen in love with them,
Whoever was ever asked in prayers,
Today he has wanted to part ways..!!


Many people are trying to bring me down,
The whole evening is busy extinguishing the lamp,
Tell them not to worry, I am the ocean,
Those who are drowning themselves are drowning..!!


A lifetime’s separation in my destiny,
He has gone by doing strange things,
What name should I give to Tarz-e-Wafa?
He himself went away by making me close..!!


Sanam is unfaithful,
This time is unfaithful,
Even if we teach the tales,
Fucking life is also webfa..!!


Why do you stop when you have never loved?
Why do you think for me in silence,
When the paths parted, now let me go,
When will you come back and ask why..!!


Those who are immersed in love,
He is young all the time, who is lost in Mehboob’s eyes..!!


Do not show your sorrows,
Don’t try to fight with nature like this,
Whatever is written by nature, it will be there.
Don’t try to change it..!!


Don’t find your dreams in the sky
Land is necessary for dreams
What’s the fun of living if you get everything?
Some lack is also necessary to live..!!


Don’t find your dreams in the sky
Land is necessary for dreams
What’s the fun of living if you get everything?
Some lack is also necessary to live..!!


Those who fly in the skies of ego
It doesn’t take long to reach the ground
Every kind of time comes in life,
But it takes time..!!


Love fell in love with love,
Love has fallen on love,
When love does not get the love of love,
Love is over love only..!!


If I write then the words are you,
If you think, then you think,
If I ask, I wish you are
If I want, love is also you..!!


Nazar should not notice the sight,
No one looks good like this,
Have seen you just with that look,
The way you can’t see..!!

Hindi Poetry


I wish I could steal you from you,
Stop time and steal a heart from time,
If you are near then I will steal a night from the night,
If you are with me, then I can steal one from where..!!


Somebody talks about desire,
So someone wants
We are both sitting together
Didn’t get the wish.. Neither the loved ones.!!


I wish my life would end like this,
That his house should be built on my grave,
When he sleeps on the ground,
His head felt on my chest..!!


an ocean that’s under my control
And there is only one strand which cannot be handled,
There’s a life to be lived without you
And there is a moment that does not pass.


the weather doesn’t change in a moment
get off the ground
old time coin
Don’t give up on the bad days, maybe I can come in handy..!!


Believe that I have no force on luck,
But it is true that love is not my weak,
In his heart, in his memories there is someone else but,
In my every breath there is no one other than him..!!


We told them to leave or break us now,
He smiled and hugged him,
And where have we been,
If you break, you will go on your own..!!


Let’s go now
What will you do after listening to the story?
Silence you will not understand,
And it will not happen to us..!!

Shayari on life


Hey will you impress me by putting status,
The page from which you copy the status, is it not?
His Admin also copies our own status..!!


My enemies are also my admirers
From time to time take my name,
Hiding daggers pass through my street,
Salute you on being introduced..!!


Hindi Shayari

Sarfaroshi’s desire is now in our heart,
Have to see how much emphasis is in the side-e-killer,
Let the time come, I will tell you a sky,
What should we tell from now on what is in our heart..!!


The sea does not bow at the feet of the situation,
Broken stars never fall to the ground,
Waves fall with great passion in the sea,
But the ocean never falls in the waves..!!


dream never comes true,
love has no shape,
Everything happens in this world,
But there is no love again..!!


Have you always asked me,
how much i love you,
So count these raining drops..!!


Some stars don’t shine
Some memories don’t fade away,
And some people have such a relationship,
That their smell does not go away even after staying away..!!


The day we closed our eyes,
Tears will rain from many eyes that day,
Those who say that we harass a lot,
He will crave one of our mischief..!!


Never tired feet, never lost courage,
Have the courage to do something in life,
So the journey is still on..!!


Don’t ask, I can’t forget you
I can’t burn the pages of your memories,
The problem is that you have to kill yourself,
And cannot make you cry for the sake of your peace..!!


I lost my heart when I met them,
I am ready to attack on it,
If she once said that come to my heart,
I am also sitting to forget the rituals of the world..!!


Just don’t wander around unnecessarily, stay at home some evening too,
No one will even shake hands who will hug,
This is a city of new mood with heat,
Meet me from a distance..!!


Do one who writes fate,
Let me write another smile in my friend’s fate,
never get them pain,
If you want, I can write my life in his fate..!!


Luck is yours
Who got what gift?
Somebody got empty oysters,
Somebody get the gift of pearls..!!


Didn’t look down into the heart through the eyes,
You did not see the house of your memories in my chest,
Your love has made me mad,
I have not seen anything except the blue of your streets..!!

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