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separation shayari


No promise, still waiting
We still love you in spite of separation,
The sadness of your face is giving testimony,
You are also looking forward to leaving me.


Even if that one moment was never parted,
It is another matter that he has seen his age.

judai shayari

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Many people are separated, you are also right,
Now why should life surprise you with such a thing?


The evening did not come out of the heart,
You used to say that bad times pass.


Separation should not be anyone’s need Habib,
This stain is such that even the enemy does not have any luck.


You have been surrounded by strange enemies of separation,
This heart remains sad like a jungle!


There is a lot of crowd in this city of love,
What is lost once cannot be found again!


Living apart even after a long time,
They used to say that separation will kill them!


If the heart is attached, then what can be achieved by meeting,
Similarly, Sehra also meets the ocean!


afraid to break my heart
some are afraid of their fate
who takes me away from you
I’m scared of that line of hands!


Why do you cry if you don’t love me
Why do you think about me in loneliness
If the destination is separation then let me go
When will you come back, why do you ask?

Best Judai Shayari in Hindi


Even if I teach you about your separation, with whom should I do it?
Here everyone still thinks of me as yours!


Your separation also loves us,
Your memory longs for a lot,
The days that were spent with you,
The eyes find them again and again!


Yes, the reason for separation is anything but,
We call it our Khata,
She is in my breath
Know why people call me different!


Everyone loves love!
Everyone is afraid of separation
We neither love nor love!
We just yearn to have a smile from you!


Even if I teach you about your separation, with whom should I do it?
Here everyone still thinks of me as yours!


no one gets separated in love
no one gets separated in love
And who doesn’t like the post
He should not get a quilt in the bitter cold!


we love your separation
miss you so much
Meet you wherever you go
Search gives you this look again and again!


Somebody learn from me how to bear separation
Weeps but there are no tears in my eyes!


Moments look forward to separation,
My condition makes me helpless,
Eyes read me sometime,
How can we tell ourselves that we love you!


Yes, the word of separation is anything..!
We call it our “Khata”..!!
She is molded in the breath of “Sahil”..!
Know why people call him different from me..!!


no one knows me nor i know anyone,
You erase my identity now,
I can no longer live apart from him,
Kill me or get me done!


Made an ocean of tears in your memory
made his home in the city of loneliness
I have heard that people worship stone because
After parting with you, my heart was turned into a stone.


don’t listen to raj-e-dil
We all change the secrets in the world
no one dies due to separation
But the way of life changes!


Yes, the reason for separation is anything but,
We call it our Khata,
She is in my breath
Know why people call me different.


whenever the heart comes
take care of them
ask for his picture
their recent
they used to ask me
what are separations
go now we understand
His question!


O friend, don’t ever talk about separation
don’t ruin my trust
Tell me if someone else settles in your heart
Don’t be unfaithful by staying in my heart!


When loneliness is written in fate
So what to learn from loved ones and strangers?
We went to meet in whose wish
He didn’t stop trying us!

separation shayari


I am not afraid of Tammana but I am afraid of loneliness.
I am not afraid of love, I am afraid of tears
I want to meet but
Afraid of separation after meeting!


what a strange separation we have
that couldn’t even say goodbye to you
There was so much in your simplicity
That could not even call you unfaithful!


His love taught us to live
Their separation taught us to live by death.


I didn’t have courage in you
to part
Otherwise Kajal Teri Aankho Ka
You would not have spread!


who says we’ll be separated
This rumor must have been spread by an enemy.
will live with pride in your heart
Something must have been made in these days!


Who’s on the fate
Who is happy to meet
There are some compulsions my life
Otherwise, who loves separation?


that parted too
I couldn’t even perform the ritual
he went away in laughter
I couldn’t even move my hand!


after they parted
never fell in love
Why not hate so much!

friend judai shayari in hindi


Don’t be so desperate to leave me,
You have to be separated from my heart, not from your eyes!


I wish this bloody separation was not there,
O God, you would not have made this thing,
We would neither meet nor love them,
Your life would never be different again!


Putting his picture on his chest,
In this way, take away the sorrow of separation,
Somehow, whatever is mentioned,
So laughing and bending the wet eyelids!


If it were so easy to part with someone,
Angels do not come to take the soul from the body!


Heartache refreshed on every memory,
Heard only things of separation from people,
When I passed on myself, I realized the reality!


We only know that at the point of separation,
Whatever happened to this heart after seeing you!


Your separation also loves us,
Your memory longs for a lot,
Those lovely days spent with you,
The eyes find them again and again!


in the fire of separation
burnt like this,
like breaking from twigs
Green leaves scattered!


says someone
No one dies in separation,
but what we live
What is that life!


Those streets also cried a lot
on our separation,
in the streets
You held my hand!


If someone is angry, then persuade him quickly,
often in the battle of pride
Separation wins!


But he did love too,
Then pain from this separation
Why is it happening only to us!


Are you unaware of separation?
Then why is it hurting today?


I write in the morning only
The things of your meeting with me,
But the sorrow of your separation
How do I write


you were unfaithful
Or was it mine?
It’s just that
The result was separation!


We left the world just for your happiness,
Now we will not be able to live for anyone,
Missing you was like a dream,
Keep on longing for your oath, just for a laugh,
What sorrow will be greater than your separation,
The wounds are enough for my life!

Shayari intro

Shayari is a type of poetry written in the Urdu language. Shayaris are generally about love and romance. There are many types of Shayari including ghazal, nazm, qasida, rubaiyat, etc.
Here we have compiled some beautiful Shayari for you to enjoy!

1. Ghazals
Ghazal is a poem written in couplets (a verse consisting of two quatrains) with the rhyme scheme ABAB. In a ghazal, the first line consists of the word “woh” while the second line starts with “Aaye”. The third line begins with “Kya” and the last line ends with “Nahi”.
2. Nazms
Nazm is a long poem in the Persian language. It is composed of three parts: beginning, middle, and end. Each part contains four stanzas. The beginning of a nazm is called the Mardan, the middle is known as the kasra, and the end is referred to as the badam.
3. Qasidas
Qasida is a poetic composition in the Arabic language. It is a narrative poem that tells a story. The structure of a qasida includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction is made up of five lines, the body contains ten lines, and the conclusion has seven lines.
4. Rubaiyat’s
Rubaiyat is a short poem in the Persian language. These poems are often set to music and song at weddings and other social gatherings.
5. Takhallus
Takhallus is a term used in Urdu poetry to refer to the meter of a poem.
6. Nastaleeq
Nastaleeq is a musical mode in Arabic music.

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