Mata-Pita Par Shayari ! माता-पिता पर शायरी ! • Hindipro

Mata-Pita Par Shayari ! माता-पिता पर शायरी ! • Hindipro

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Mata Pita Shayari in Hindi


Flowers never bloom again and again…
Life never comes again and again….
Many people get to meet…..
But the one who forgives a thousand mistakes…
Parents do not meet !!


Parents are our protectors
Parents are our God
Life is not possible without them,
This is our biggest honour…!!


In this world without selfishness only,
Only your parents can love!


How do I lose in front of troubles,
My parents are sitting in the hope of my progress!


For closed luck,
no clapping,
There is no branch of happy hopes,
Those who bow down at the feet of their parents,
his wallet,
never empty!


You will get respect, you will also get wealth,
Will also get the public…..!!


Leaves leaves the tree as soon as it dries
Children break the relationship as soon as the parents get old.


Even in the toughest roads, the journey seems easy,
This seems to be the effect of my mother’s prayers!

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Parents bring to this place,
introduce the world,
Sacrifice the whole world on you,
Take away your happiness too!


Have seen mother burning in the stove,
I have seen the Father burning in the sun,
I haven’t seen angels.
I’ve definitely seen my parents!


Have seen mother burning in the stove,
I have seen the Father burning in the sun,
I haven’t seen angels.
I’ve definitely seen my parents!

Mata Pita Shayari in Hindi


Forgetting our sleep made us sleep,
The tears that fell made us laugh,
Never give pain to those celebrities,
Whom God made parents!


Everything is available in the world but,
Remember that only parents do not meet,
Once withered by the branches,
These are the flowers that never bloom again!


Just a small thing to say to everyone today,
What is our status without parents!


I kept on performing the rituals of love with my heart,
But how to break in self
Gives to the parents’ vows!


to fulfill your dream
He breaks the dreams of many
Those children are very proud,
Those who leave their parents for Mehboob!


What would be a better jam than a mother’s blessing?
What would be a better job than a mother’s blessings?
God has placed in whose feet Paradise,
Think what will happen to his head!


Only the parents raise the tantrums of the child.
Otherwise the people of the world just raise their fingers!


Everything in the world is empty without parents,
The most beautiful music in the world is a mother’s lullaby!


Politics is useless between you,
If there is no motive, then rebellion is useless,
Roza, Namaz, Sadaqah-e-Khairat or Hajj,
If parents are not happy,
All prayers are in vain!


I’m poor I don’t get any dear,
By selling conscience, one does not get from a fool,
If possible, take care of it.
This is mother’s love, it is not available in the market!


Very beautiful relation mother
The angel who descended from the board is the mother,
She is so engrossed in the tunes of children,
He doesn’t get tired at all,
If there is any relation like mother then tell me,
Tell me from where did mother bring so much love!


As much as we need parents in childhood,
They need us as much in old age!


Mother is the flower of paradise,
His principle is to love
The love of the world is futile,
Mother’s every prayer is accepted,
To annoy mother is your mistake,
The soil of mother’s feet is the dust of heaven!


Mother’s clothes ever in life
But don’t be ashamed
and father in life
One should not be ashamed of poverty.


Whenever the forces came to surround me,
The blessings of the parents came in front as a shield!


Hold the hand of the parents,
No need to hold people’s feet!


Somebody fasted
someone fasted,
His confession happened
The one who kept “mother-father” with him!

shayari on parents


This is the truth of life, it is not common,
Serve the Father, understand that the four dhams are done!


Neither worship God nor go to the temple,
Just bow your head at the feet of the parents!


With whom I consider myself perfect,
After my Lord I only know my parents!


no need to worship and recite it
One who served his parents!


Life is incomplete without parents,
Mother if there is a shade from the sun
So father is that gust of cold air
Which absorbs the drops of Shikwa from the face.


Friends people often say that our first love is never forgotten,
But I don’t know how people forget the love of their parents.


Parents are celebrities
Whose debt even a drop of sweat cannot repay!


There are two benefits of sitting with parents.
one you never grow up,
And other parents never get old!

shayari on mata pita


The richest man in the world too
You are poor without parents!


If there is good living in life, it is called nature.
If you have a colorful friend, it is called paradise.
If you are a beautiful partner, then it is called love.
And if you have a father like you in life, it is called luck!


The smile on the face of the family,
It is the ‘Father’ in whom everyone’s life resides!


Only the love of parents is available for free in this world
Otherwise, you have to pay something or the other in the rest of the relationships of the world!


Everyone’s debt in the world can be repaid,
But parents’ debt can never be repaid!


Where is that happiness even in thousands of notes today?
The happiness that was in the one rupee coin from the mother!


Without father all the beauty of this world is empty,
The sweetest music in the world is my mother’s lullaby!


Parents can take everyone’s place,
But no one can take the place of parents!


Worshiping the father brings wisdom,
And worshiping the mother brings happiness and prosperity!


Whose relationship with their parents is deep,
They both have good yesterday and today!


Whose relationship with their parents is deep,
They both have good yesterday and today!


Laughs Laughs my father,
Brings happiness to me, my father
when i get upset,
So celebrate my dear father,
I am papa’s doll.
And my best friend is Papa!


By giving silently what I ask for,
O life, sometimes you become like my father!


Everything is found in the world but
Remember that only parents do not meet
Once from the branch that withers and falls
These are flowers that never bloom again!


The bet always smiled after losing father,
Now I understand that chess victory!


Oh God!
just enough to make me capable
the way my parents made me happy
May I also keep them happy in their old age!

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