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Powerful Motivational Shayari

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powerful motivational poetry


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Have some patience now the test is going on,
Time itself will say, now it’s your turn!!


Your luck will give you a chance,
But your hard work will surprise everyone.


The birds will surely get their destination
these spread speak on their
Often those people are silent
Whose skills speak in the times.


Work in such a way that it becomes an identity,
Walk every step in such a way that it becomes a mark,
Everyone takes life here,
Live life in such a way that it becomes an example.


This life is laughable, love it
It’s night now, wait for the morning
That moment will come which you wish for,
Have faith in the Lord, trust in time.


If we put our body, mind and money to achieve the goal,
I tell the truth friends, even the stars of the horoscope change their place.


The luck that changes by fighting with time,
Man is the one who changes his destiny,
Never think what will happen tomorrow
Do you know tomorrow time can change your own picture?


Don’t fly by the wind
Rocks turn the tide of storms,
Trust your wings
Moths fly by relying on the wind.


Those people who are broken from inside become very strong..,
Don’t make life so cheap that two penny people go away after playing.


Why is there no pain in you?
Take out from the cage made by yourself and see you are also a Alexander.


The sun goes down every evening..
Autumn turns into spring..
Don’t lose courage in my mind trouble..,
No matter how time passes.

Junoon Motivational Shayari


These paths will take you to the top of the heights, keep your courage,
Ever heard that the darkness has not allowed the dawn to come.


Who is refusing to reach Sahil but,
There is nothing more fun than fighting the storms,
It is said that God writes luck but,
The fun of erasing it and making it yourself is something else.


Try and keep hope and choose the way too
Then after that find a little luck.


Landing in the sea but also thinking of emerging
Before sinking… felt the depth.


Search for the best
If you find the river then search for the sea.
The glass is broken by the injury of the stone,
Find a glass that breaks stone.


There is nothing more fun than smiling and crying.
The fun of losing something in life is something else,
There are always defeats and victories in life.
But the fun of winning after losing comes something else.


Don’t sit and cover the feathers in the ashes,
Tax the courage to fly in open flames.


Who needs blood that boils,
Victory requires such passion,
This sky will also come on the ground,
Just want such echo in intentions.

—#20—Powerful Motivational Shayari

It’s a long way to get happiness,
If you stay in Garur, you will not even be able to see the way!!


Wherever the heat comes on the principles, it is necessary to fight,
Those who are alive must be seen alive again


No matter how high the floor is friends,
The paths are always under the feet!!


If you want to have nature, keep it like that lamp,
Who gives the same light to the emperor’s palace,
As in a poor hut.


Success always comes from good thoughts,
And good thoughts come from the contact of good people.


If you want to hear some words of love,
First you have to say some words of love too.


As long as you blame others for your problems and difficulties,
Till then you cannot erase your problems and difficulties,


You can’t even think of hitting a jack-pout,
Unless you put some coins in the machine.


Win as if you’re used to it,
Lose as if you have made a change to enjoy.

shayari on cute smile


Ordinary looking people are the best people in the world
This is the reason why God creates many such people.


You give me six hours to cut down a tree,
And I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.


It doesn’t matter how slow you go
Until you stop.


Choose the job that you like
Then you will not work even a day for the rest of your life.


There is only one difference between a dream and a goal
Dreams need hard sleep
And without sleep for the goal


Read as many Motivational Shayari as you want
But the motivation to succeed
She meets with the taunts of relatives, she cannot meet anyone else..!!


That man is not successful.
In which the fear of failure is more than the desire for success.


Anyone can do it on the strength of the arms of the government,
The one who touches everyone’s heart is called a human.

best motivational shayari for student


We are also rivers, we know our skills,
Whichever way you walk, there will be a way.


If you want to achieve the destination, then be your own guide.
Those who often go astray who find support!!


Where do the cities of desires meet by thinking?
Walking is also necessary to get to the destination


There are difficulties but I can’t stop
Just tell me from the destination, I have not reached yet.


The chains of trouble will not be able to bind the steps,
Just tell me from the paths, I am not astray now.


The greatest joy in life is in doing that work,
What people say you can’t do.


Hade came out of the city, then walked from village to village, some memories with me foot to foot
The journey that went by the sun was the experience, what was the life that covered the shade


Open my wings, says Parinda.. there is still more flight left
The land is not my destination, now the whole sky is left


Why do you sit on the ground and watch the sky?
Opening the wings the world sees only flight


I will keep walking, I will become an expert in walking on the path..
Either I will get the destination or I will become a good traveler.


who want to reach the destinations
They even build bridges of stones over the sea.


turn pain into anger
Inspiration and inspiration into success.


Win or lose depends on your thinking
If you agree then there will be defeat and if you decide then you will win.


Considering himself to be someone’s dishonor,
To be faithful every moment is love…!


Lord, you have given me as much pain as I have to give, I have to give sorrow to win,
As many difficulties as you have to give but at the same time give strength to bear that pain.

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