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Pyaar Wali Shayari

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true love poetry


The sky is angry with us, the anger of the stars is also incalculable,
They all burn with us because we have you better than the moon..!!


telegram join us

You don’t ask the extent of my love,
We can stop living but not loving you..!!


Love is mischief too, even sarfat also worships,
After seeing a lot, we still could not be with you..!!


Don’t ask how many complaints are there from you,
So tell me if you have any other side left..!!


Heart wanted to ignore it,
But there were eyes that did not move away from him..!!


Whether you ever met me or not, just
There is so much wish that you get every happiness of life..!!


Why do you love me so silently,
People understand that there is no reason for this misfortune..!!


For whose sake do you beat now, O heart,
Now after doing rest the story is over..!!


There is laughter in the face, tears come in the eyes,
When you call me your own pride comes on you..!!


Some people can’t share their feeling,
So it doesn’t mean that they don’t love true..!!


Do not doubt my love,
I weave a dream by joining the broken thread..!!

new love shayari


love or worship
I don’t understand anything now
you are a beautiful thought
Who doesn’t go from heart..!!


Some say love becomes intoxicant!
Some say love becomes punishment!
But love if with a sincere heart,
So that love becomes the reason for living..!!


When she comes here and there on the door frame, she runs her eyes
It doesn’t take long for this news to reach me.
He has heard of my arrival..!!


We don’t know why we’re deluded
The nights are burning, the days are also burning
We know this much since I saw you
You are also smelling, we are also smelling..!!


Nazakat is in you, prayer is in you
Mischief is in you, Kashish is also in you
where am i left in me now
Whatever I have is in you..!!


There was no intention of love, O Dilansheen
See what your attitude has changed
May every evening of life be beautiful
If I get my love..!!


now understand that
Why do people call the moon beautiful
maybe like me too
Let’s see your glimpse in it..!!


your eyes are so beautiful
make them our fate
we don’t want the happiness of the era
If we get love for you..!!


He kissed my lips and said with a smile
Tell the truth, there is no other desire in your heart..!!


gets tied when the bondage of soul with someone
So Izhar-e-Mohabbat doesn’t need alphas..!!


With love they write my name on the ground and erase it
Time passes for them but we meet in the soil..!!


What has veiled from the head, now there is an influx of swirls
Look how many guards are there to hide your face..!!


This night came in the courtyard as moonlight
Let these stars sing a lullaby to you
you had so many sweet dreams
You smile lightly even in sleep..!!


you didn’t listen to us
we felt your breath
You are close even after being so far away
Maybe this is the sign of our love..!!


Pyaar Wali Shayari

With your arrival, I got the skill of poetry
Even before written, the effect has come now..!!


you are beautiful like a rose
Be very delicate, be like a dream
let me drink you with my lips
You are like wine from head to toe..!!


Very lucky are those people who have
There is such a person who understands his point without saying..!!

longing poetry


You have met me with a drop,
By finding you, I will be like you..!!


Even if we can’t meet
But the heart always cares
Only you will do it..!!


The golden one whose history and blurred,
who has a future,
To be honest, one sided love is also something,
This is what happens..!!


If I get angry, will you come to celebrate, will you not?
Whatever is my part of the rituals,
Say you will play..!!


Many tales of memories became young then,
When the residents of here
Became guests here..!!


is safe Surat,
Then you will get thousands,
who kisses the wrinkles
looking for just that one,


There’s something in your eyes,
so easily,
Don’t kiss us..!!


We don’t know how to change like the weather
waiting for you in every direction
You can’t understand who till doom
I swear we love you so much..!!

love poetry


There is no love for a beautiful person – but
The person who is in love with him starts looking beautiful..!!


Who is doing love?
We will even sacrifice our lives in love..
But know that..
Who loves us..!!


The thought of you brings a glow in the heart
If you come to know what will happen..!!


Makes a place even in the heart of stone,
This is love, it reaches its destination..!!


How much love is there to you, how can I tell with the help of those words!
Feeling my feelings, where should I bring the testimony..!!


His desire in the heart and his name on the lips,
Whether he does it or not, life is now in his name..!!


What is strange about his love affair?
I don’t even make my own and don’t allow anyone to happen..!!


We didn’t know what love is like,
We just met you and fell in love..!!


If someone sees your style of love,
Don’t stay away from him without your wish..!!


on making a mistake
Not going to leave…
Rather, the one who explains the mistake
That is true love..!!


Whoever I saw crying I found,
I think this love is like a fakir’s badass..!!


Whoever I saw crying I found,
I think this love is like a fakir’s badass..!!


Everyone decorates the festival of desires,
The whole belongs to the one who brings luck..!!


I feel so cute every moment,
whenever i think with you
Your tomorrow..!!


What a wonderful act of his wrath
Think about saying this on the matter
Then I will not talk..!!

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