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Pyar Kya Hai Shayari

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what is love poetry


Thought we would tell what is love,
Will teach you how to love..!!


Love is not that which is shown by saying,
Love is that which should be done in secret..!!


Aashiq made an entry in the locality of Bewafao,
True love knocked in the atmosphere of show..!!


Yes, of course in a thousand hearts there is a true heart,
But in search of that heart our heart shatters..!!

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My love is true only then I am waiting,
Otherwise today one after the other is ready..!!


True love is that which comes from the soul,
Those who die on the body will get lakhs..!!


True love never changes
Neither with time nor with condition..!!


Love doesn’t happen by looking at someone’s face,
Love doesn’t happen even after seeing someone’s noise,
In my eyes there is only one way of love,
They are worried about each other..!!


No one gets dearer than love in life,
No one gets dearer than love in life,
Take care of what you have,
Because once lost love is not found again..!!


Sweet sleep, sweet dreams,
The Lord has given you what is in my hands..!!


I have found a love that is also true,
And people say love is not good..!!

true love shayari


One day everyone has to die,
Then what is there to be afraid of falling in love..!!


Every story is incomplete without love,
Love is useless without successful youth..!!


When talking with silent eyes,
So this is how love begins,
We just keep getting lost in their thoughts,
I don’t know when day becomes night..!!


Seeing you, where it looks colorful,
Where does the heart find peace without you,
You are my heartbeat
Where it looks useless without you..!!


Your shadow is in our heart,
Your memories are in our eyes,
How can we forget you
Your love is in our breath..!!


When the ocean of love descends in someone’s soul,
Then people are alive, but inside someone else..!!


There is no end to love,
The path that is there is not the same beautiful thing..!!


One look of yours makes me forget all my sorrows,
Makes my life a life..!!


Save a million hearts but love is bound to happen,
Eyes are eyes after all, this mischief is bound to happen..!!


How beautiful is this life
Just come now you need only..!!


They ask what happened to us,
Now how can we tell him that he is in love with him..!!


Neither the desire of the moon, nor the desire of the stars,
You are with me in every moment, this is my only wish..!!


When some night you are reminded of someone,
And the cold wind caresses your hair,
So close your eyes and go to sleep,
And secretly we come in your dreams..!!


Know when love will be expressed to you,
Know when you will love us,
These nights are passing in your memory,
Know when you will also be waiting for us..!!


Flowers bloom, springs end,
It is only in such weather that love accumulates,
The words of the heart are not spoken with the lips,
This tragedy is told through the eyes..!!


Journey as far as you are
Look as far as you are
We have seen thousands of flowers in Gulshan,
But the fragrance is there as far as you are..!!


I am crazy about you, I do not deny it,
how can i say i don’t love
There was some mischief in your eyes too.
I am not the only one guilty of this..!!

what is love poetry


I wish to make you my own
And there is no desire for this crazy person,
I am not complaining to you but to God.
What was the need to make you so beautiful..!!


The arrows in your eyes are so clever,
I don’t even know for whom it is..!!


Whether you see or not see it, it is not sad,
But the reward of not seeing you is no less than seeing someone..!!


Love is the name of living
Love is just infamous
If you love once, then see,
Love is the name of drinking every pain..!!


A smile has no value,
Some relationships have no weight,
Such people are found at every turn,
But no one is as precious as you..!!


The sun is the one who supports the sky throughout the day,
The moon is the one who supports the stars throughout the night,
Love is the one who stays with you for life,
And the friendship that supports you every moment..!!


If the destination is in front, don’t turn your steps.
Do not break the dream which is in your heart,
You will get success at every step,
Never leave the ground just to touch the stars..!!


Know why we have to shed tears,
Know why the heart does not know how to tell,
Why do friends leave us?
Maybe we don’t know how to play together..!!

what is true love shayari in hindi


Decorate it like a dream,
Keep this hidden in your heart always,
My fate is not with me or else,
Keep it as yours for the rest of your life..!!


Time changes with life
Life changes with time
Time doesn’t change with you,
Only change with time..!!


There is something behind someone’s heartbeat,
Behind every pain there is a memory,
whether you know it or not,
Behind your laughter or happiness is our prayer..!!

Pyar Kya Hai Shayari


The cage of breath will break someday,
This traveler will be left in some way,
If I’m alive now, talk to me
Do you know when God will get angry with us..!!


Why do you persecute us like begano?
Sometimes remember like lovers,
There was some deficiency in us that you can’t remember,
There was something in you that we could not forget you..!!


When the night goes, the stars are gone,
What’s wrong with the people when we’re gone,
We could have won many games,
We went to losers just to win some loved ones..!!


Your love is our story
This story is a blessing of this time,
Don’t know about our death
But this life of ours is only crazy about you..!!


love their memories
Millions of lives spend on them,
If he meets you on the way,
So tell them we still wait for them..!!


What is the heart that does not give mercy,
Don’t let God forget you
Your love will remain as life,
That’s another time if life doesn’t favor you..!!


Whatever happens in the heart is not said,
Now the pain-e-separation is not tolerated,
If possible, come back with some excuse,
Now I can’t live without you..!!


A shore has been found out of the vortex,
Got a support to live again,
My life was in a lot of trouble,
Now you have got your support in this life..!!


The eyes do not deny your love,
Now I’m not waiting for anyone else,
I am silent, so that existence is mine,
But you don’t understand that I don’t love you..!!


Recognized by the charge on the heart,
Now people know me by your name..!!


There is moonlight from the moon, not from the stars,
And love is from one not from thousands..!!


Journey as far as you are
Look as far as you are
Although thousands of flowers bloom in Gulshan but,
The fragrance is the same as far as you are..!!

Pyar Kya Hai Shayari


I want to protect you from your dreams, I have rebelled against myself for your sake,
I swear by your innocent eyes, heart to heart, my soul has also loved you..!!


The sky is angry with us, the anger of the stars is also incalculable,
They all burn with us because you have better than the moon with us..!!


See whose dreams are in my eyes, Whose are my smoldering storms in my heart,
No one has passed through this path till today, then whose footprints are these..!!


There are many festivals, there are lakhs of fairs. But where you are not, there we are alone..!!


You don’t ask the extent of my love. We can stop living, but not loving you..!!


What’s amazing about his anger? To say this on the matter, think then I will not talk..!!


Will you ever meet me or not? It’s just a wish that you get all the happiness of life..!!


Hidden in the heart, love is yours, like a treasure. Do not tell anyone, that there should be no noise somewhere..!!


It is called love, it is called love. Some people call her Bandgi. But with whom we are in love, we call them our life..!!


There was a wish, that they should also celebrate us sometime. But this fucking heart never got angry with him..!!


Who will pay every debt of love,
When we are not there, who will do it?
Ya Lord, keep my beloved, you are safe,
Otherwise who will pray for my life?


I have only prayed to love you,
I have only asked for your favor in every prayer,
This world burns a million with our love,
I have only asked for punishment for loving you..!!


Love has become the reason for happiness in sorrow,
Love has become the cause of memories in pain,
When nothing was good in this world,
Then this love has become the reason for our living..!!

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