Romantic Shayari Hindi ! खूबसूरत रोमांटिक शायरी • Hindipro

Romantic Shayari Hindi ! खूबसूरत रोमांटिक शायरी • Hindipro

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Beautiful Romantic Shayari! Best Romantic Shayari Lines in Hindi


as beautiful as love is,
you are more beautiful than that
If love is life then you are my life!


world’s most precious gift
“Humsafar” is… which is not by price
Luck meets you and that’s you!


With you our life has been transformed,
Your happiness is above all for us,
And there is no desire or desire,
Just be with you, it’s our wish!


We don’t want to lose you
I don’t want you to cry in separation,
You stay with us always as love,
We don’t even want to be anyone else!


You don’t need to worry
I can’t say anywhere that you are mentioning!


Life starts with relationships
Relationship starts with love,
Love starts with loved ones,
And yours begins with you!


love is not what you
do mine,
love is what you
And don’t let it happen!


there will be no more
to love this is a promise to you
because this lover
You are needed the most!


You are the smile on my face,
You are the happiness of my heart,
You are the smile of my lips,
This heart of mine beats for which
You are my life!


You are the contract of a beating heart,
You are outside the decorated gatherings,
You are waiting for longing eyes,
You are the first and last love of my life!


Celebrity is you, my heart is happy,
If you are in trouble, then my eyes cry,
You go away I feel restless,
Try it sometime and see love is like this!

beautiful romantic shayari


how much do you love
Can’t say that
just know that without
You can’t stay!


I don’t know how many with you
dreaming is sitting,
you your life,
You have made your world!


if we had a hundred hearts
God swear everyone would have been yours.!!


your desire in my heart
your name is on the lips
love you or not
My life is in your name!!


When have I asked you for the happiness of the times,
Have asked for a little laugh on my lips,
Let me see you by sitting you in front,
I come to love you all my life!


You are like a ruddy rose,
You are like the flow of life,
Everyone eager to read
You are like a book to read!


Who plays with birth after birth,
You become such a bond,
May I become a loving heart,
You become the heartbeat!


love you more than
Wants to get more
Know what is that quality in you that
Every relationship wants to be with you!


The beats are free to watch.
Love doesn’t hide you hide it and see..!!


Forgive me if I go overboard
Forgive me if I answer in your heart,
Seeing you in the night, for the sake of your sight,
Forgive me if I stay for a moment!!


I will be your love by sticking to your chest
Let me become your fragrance by meeting your breath
There should not be any distance between you and me
I… I will not be only you, I become you!


Every time this message came from the heart;
If I open my tongue, your name will come;
Why do you know what the heart knows;
When all the beautiful came in front of my eyes!


not counting the months,
There is no count of years..
love you still
Beintehaan… is unaccountable.!


You are beautiful like a rose,
Be very delicate, be like a dream,
Let me drink you with my lips,
Be like wine from head to toe!


The world of my thoughts is very beautiful,
Just starts with you and ends with you..!!


The world needs happiness all the time,
But I want only one You in every happiness!


Meet me with grace,
Will give account of everything considering doom,
Never doubt my love
We also love by thinking of worship…!

Shayari in Hindi


If I see you, it blooms like a flower all day,
Hearing your voice,
I don’t know why the heart gets peace!


Hide your beautiful lips in a screen,
We are arrogant people, we kiss with our eyes.


You are my worship, not love
You don’t need me, I have a habit of living,
I have become a prisoner of your memories,
Now only you are my bail!


The scene of your importance is like this in my life,
If you are not there, life seems lifeless!


Just put me to sleep in your arms
Then no matter how much you cry…!!


Sleep is still taught by my eyes,
I never let him come before your memory..!!


This is the desire of my heart to kiss your lips
It’s not mine, it’s the request of the heart.


You are the contract of a beating heart,
You are outside of these decorated gatherings,
You are waiting for longing eyes,
You are the first love of my life!

Shayari – Those Who Will Touch Your Heart


There are those tears in your eyes,
that touch the heart,
She is happy in your words,
Who gets into my soul!


your eyes are so beautiful
Make them our wish,
We do not ask for the happiness of the world,
Whoever you become is our love!


Have found you every moment in front of my eyes,
Only you have settled in my heart,
How can we live without you
Well no one has been able to live without life too!


There is no denying that your name is crazy
how to say you don’t love
something is wrong with your eyes
We are not the only culprits!


You became our guest by staying in your breath,
Smile as if you have become our identity,
People could not become us even by staying close.
And you became our life even after being far away..!


not only the noise of love
there must be a feeling
And only those we love
They should know!


I wish to kiss your cheeks,
I don’t say this is the request of the heart..!!


Everything happens without you
It just wouldn’t work!


Faith, Prayer, Dream, Mind, Love
In how many names are you confined to only one?


If my bus goes, then I will buy your payment!
I will buy your favors for my living!
You can do whatever is seen by you all the time!
I should buy those eyes after spending everything !!


That moon is very proud,
that he has noor.
Now how do I explain to him,
I have Kohinoor!


wish that some
I am destined to be like this,
whatever the time
You’re just close to me!


You are the dreams of my eyes, the desires of my heart,
I am from you, you are my identity,
If I am the land, then you are my sky,
Believe me, you are the whole world for me!


A thank you for coming to life,
A thank you for making life a life,
We will be born in debt,
A thank you for playing love with so much love!


The price is of thirst not of water,
Mother-in-law is not valued for death,
Many people do love in the world,
But the price is not of love, but of faith!

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