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Sad Shayari Hindi

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sad shayari hindi


Where do you find someone who understands now?
Whoever gets it goes away..!!


no matter how much love you give to someone,
In the end he feels a little less..!!


I have fought with accidents before time,
I am many years older than my age..!!


Yes, I remembered its last words were these,
If you can live then it is better to live if you die..!!


telegram join us

I also had many of my own in this world,
Then love happened and we were abandoned..!!


My every poetry speaks to the pain of the heart,
Do not fill your eyes while reading somewhere..!!


Your talk has affected your heart..!!


If you keep silence, it is a different matter,
There is some pain which cannot be put into words..!!


My body is immersed in my own blood,
This is a punishment for trusting pieces of glass..!!


We had heard things of separation in ghazals,
Now when I passed on myself, I realized the reality..!!


The heart is afraid of some complicated questions,
Don’t know why the heart breaks in loneliness
There is no longer any desire to get anyone,
This heart is just afraid of losing some loved ones..!!

New sad shayari hindi


keep choking someone
don’t complain,
where to get that heart
Who doesn’t miss you..!!


Hatred got a million but love was not found,
Life passed but no relief
Saw everyone laughing in your gathering,
I was the one who was not allowed to laugh..!!


Whose eyes are not moist with tears
You understand that he has no sorrow,
what happened if you cried in agony
Even those who laugh while hiding their sorrow are no less in this world..!!


I am the silence of your mind,
You are my untold alpha,
I’m a confused moment
You are angry with me..!!


The hope of waiting is now lost,
Silence has become a habit,
neither learning nor complaining to anyone,
if it is a love
Who is now out of these loneliness..!!


Do not shed tears in everything,
Do not tell everything from the heart to everyone,
This is the city of salt,
That’s why the wounds are not shown to everyone here..!!


There is no support, no support, no one,
Neither we belong to anyone nor ours is anyone..!!


Celebrities get lost in making houses,
It is very difficult to explain to yourself,
Don’t forget anyone in a moment,
It takes life to make someone your own..!!


There is a habit of crying without talking,
Wants to get someone’s side
You be happy, what is mine, I am a mirror,
I have a habit of breaking..!!


Never get angry, I do not know how to persuade,
Never go far, I don’t know how to call near,
If you forget, it’s your choice
We don’t even know to forget..!!


Love is not love, we have prayed,
has rebelled against rituals and rituals,
Whom we had asked in our prayers,
He wants to part with me..!!


The destination was difficult but we were not lost,
There was pain in my heart but we didn’t cry
No one is here who asks us,
Are you awake and have not slept for anyone or for anyone..!!


There is pain in the heart but it is not felt;
Heart cries when it is not near;
We are ruined in his love;
And they say love doesn’t happen like this..!!


i like to laugh too
But someone learned to cry
we were also adept at speaking
But someone taught me to keep quiet..!!


today god asked again
Why is your smiling face sad?
Why is there thirst in your eyes?
Who doesn’t have time for you
Why is that special to you?


He left us
I don’t know what was their compulsion.
God said that it is not his fault in this,
I wrote this story was incomplete..!!


No one is ours in this full world,
It is non-existent that there is no support of loved ones..!!

Sad Love Shayari in Hindi


May my tears be a promise to you,
May your sorrow be half as much as a straw,
I pray that as long as you live, live happily.
Just your age is more than my life..!!


Cried from heart but smiled with lips,
Just like this we sat down to show our loyalty to someone,
He could not give us a moment of his love,
And we spent our lives for them..!!


written on a grave
Whom should I blame friends,
The persecutors in life were also theirs,
And the ones who buried were theirs too..!!


Unfaithful people are growing slowly,
This city should now be theirs too.


If I get angry with you, I will be so angry,,
Yeh your eyes will crave a glimpse of me..!!


You did not understand and did not want to understand,
What did we want from you “except you..!!


who expressed
how is that pain
And who can’t understand the pain
How is that friend..!!


I wish they would understand the yearning of this heart,
So we wouldn’t have been pissed off like this,
This indifference was also acceptable to us,
We would have understood just once..!!

Love Sad Shayari


Know the reality before parting,
Listen to me before you tell me,
Before forgetting to think this,
I cried a lot before smiling eyes..!!


Who gives place in whose heart,
The tree also sheds dry leaves,
We are aware of the customs of the world,
If it is full, then everyone forgets..!!


Your memory is enough to live
Now only you are left in this heart,
You have forgotten us with your heart,
But we are still looking for you..!!


Everyone slept and listened to their pain
I wish someone was mine too, I would have been able to sleep too..!!


we laugh to make others laugh
Otherwise the pain is so much that I can’t even cry..!!


Life has told me such a cure for my disease
Called time as medicine and told abstinence from desire..!!


I am happy that you made me cry if you laughed,
If it settles in someone’s heart not right, then it is right..!!


If there is day, then there will be night too,
Don’t be sad, will talk to him sometime..!!


That love is so sweet
If there is life then we will also meet..!!


Hole hole someone remembers,
Someone smells my every breath,
Thank that stranger every moment,
Who teaches this nachiez love..!!


Oh luck, tell me one thing,
You try everyone, or do you have enmity with me..!!


If it was so fierce, then the match was of love.
Do you unfaithful.
Only till the bed…


You had the inclination to love the most,
We unnecessarily started considering ourselves lucky..!!


Life has to start again from that point,
Where the whole city was yours and you strangers..!!

—#51—Sad Shayari in Hindi

Two ways of life, friendship and love
One full of jam, the other with blame..!!

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