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Shayari Status Hindi

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shayari status hindi


In hatred, you will go to such an extent,
Even if you are close, you will pass without seeing..!!


As you are starting to look beautiful to me,
The pen has started writing even better poetry..!!


Sunshine is infamous like this, sir.
People get jealous seeing each other..!!

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Keep your relationship anonymous,
If you give name then the world will defame you..!!


Who will be my friend after you?
I lost myself too in the urge to get you..!!


If your silence is your compulsion,
So let it be, which love is important..!!


Danista we hid all our sorrows,
Asked if someone just smiled..!!


Relationship should be of heart, sir.
We have seen blood relations lying in old age homes..!!


Take a little part of my pain and see,
You will be remembered for centuries..!!


You be famous in your goodness,
If we are bad then stay away from us..!!


This love is a gamble, tell me what will you play,
Understand that everything has to be put at stake..!!

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I have heard that even now in the lines of my hands,
Najumis see the fate..!!


always working so hard that
Wherever you go, no one is bigger than you..!!


Feels scared now from relationships,
People take a lot by giving little..!!


In every thought, only one thought comes to you,
Love does not move a bit that your name comes..!!


Winning trust is not a big deal,
Having faith is a big deal..!!


When poison is found in faith,
No matter how strong the relationship becomes..!!

Shayari Status Hindi


Even this could not be tolerated by bad luck,
The one we died on could not be ours..!!


Why wake up at night and remember him,
When does stone affect the heart..!!


If you don’t understand my feelings,
So all my alphas are useless..!


Flowers will bloom from the branches of the intercession,
When these dry nano will meet Saajan..!


It’s not that you don’t remember
The only problem is that we do not tell..!


Shadows of gum
Wah re love, your pain and your only medicines..!


Often the love of appearance makes noise,
True love is confined to gestures only..!


Yes, this is the world of poetry.
If you go to the meaning, you will be in misfortune..!


When I miss you while turning,
At that time love torments us a lot..!


Wonderful life is writing poetry,
Digging yourself with your own dagger..!


The streets are there, I have not changed the city,
Haven’t changed my house here for a long time..!!

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Aks never stays in water,
The face does not stay in any mirror for long..!!


Muqdama-e-Ishq is also very complicated,
Life imprisonment if you win, death penalty if you lose.


I’m good as far as
Don’t forget your position..!


I turn the coins of charity of sympathy,
I leave myself on whomever I become a burden..!


Nothing happens by writing a will in your name.
It is the flight that decides whose sky will be..!!


We are not separate from the world
Our world is different..!!


Till date no such queen has become,
Who can make this crook his slave..!!


Let the one who has to say what he has to say, what goes yours,
It is a matter of time, and time comes for everyone..!!

shayari status hindi


Whose mood is different from the world,
Their discussions in the gathering are amazing..!!


Time doesn’t have to be special
It is necessary to have time for special people..!!


It is bad that we are living only then,
The world does not let live when it is good..!!


I am silent, not dumb.
I am a hunter, not a victim of anyone..!!


I just looked at myself in the mirror,
So it came to know that innocent people in the world
Still alive today..!!


People are aware of my habits,
Rarely do I keep the status but wonderful..!!


The waters burning with me turned black.
His sisters dying on me, they became my brother-in-law..!!


Just for the sake of madness come to your street,
Otherwise the whole city is lying for loafing..!!


Leave the matter of competition, son.
We are the ones whose duplicate things are also a hit..!!


The world also listens to silence,
But first you have to make a splash..!!

Shayari Status Hindi


We spread love with love, sir.
We don’t have time for hate..!!


Don’t show so much Attitude,
The powder with which you do make-up,
We play carrom with him..!!


There is no city that does not have its own havoc,
There is no such street where you have not walked..!!


Hear son, only burning is written in your blood
And only burn in our blood..!!


The enemy said that this enmity will cost you,
I said cheap so I don’t even drink alcohol..!!

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