shihab chottur kaha tak pahucha

shihab chottur

Friends, seeing this beautiful journey of Shihab Bhai, I remember the lion of a poet, the poet says that someone got the destination as soon as he left the house and someone was always traveling like us, friends, let me tell you that Sihab Bhai should come out of his house. It’s been more than 70 days and Bo continues to travel.

shihab chottur

First of all let me tell you that how many days will it take for Shihab Bhai to reach Wagah Border which is the border of Pakistan, almost Shihab Bhai will take more than 30 days to cross Bagha Border, which is about 900 kms, friends Shihab Bhai in Gangapur of Rajasthan It is in the city which is about 900 kms from Bagha border. Friends, yesterday’s video, I had given you complete information about shihab bhai. Friends, I will tell you where shihab brother is now and where he will stay tomorrow, friends, we hope that shihab brother comes to the village for a reason in Rajasthan, we will stay there, we request you if you also want to see the video of Shihab brother. If yes, then please like this video and also subscribe to our youtube channel, see you with another new video till then take care of yourself bye bye

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