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Yaari Shayari Hindi

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best friendship status


Everyone loves time,
It’s fun when times change
Go but man don’t change..!!


If God doesn’t make a friend’s relationship,
Man never believes
That strangers can be dearer than their own…!!


To burn the enemy and for the friend,
It is our nature to bet our lives..!!


Every crying moment will also smile
Don’t do it friend your time will also come..!!


Only the lucky ones get shelter
In the heart of friends, everyone is like heaven
Doesn’t deserve it..!!


When there is no peace, the settlement of love
Then I get lost in the fun of friends..!!


What is that tea that does not boil and
What is that friend in which there is no ruckus..!!


Sadness happens when friends
It is said that I am neither in tension nor with you..!!


Live these moments after laughing again
The old days of friendship do not come back..!!


When friendship is true and strong
so he doesn’t have to show
no matter how far a friend goes
There is no need to bring him near..!!


The world does not run on the basis of memories,
There is no gathering without any poet.
If you call once, friends come, why?
Without friends this beat does not go on..!!

true love poetry


The smell is not less than the love of friendship,
Life doesn’t end if you get cheated in love
If you have true and good friends in life,
Then life is not less than any paradise…!!


There is a lot of love for a small heart
There are many wounds of life
When would you kill this world?
Friends, there is a lot of effect in your prayers..!!


Giver of happiness in everyone’s life,
Never be sad in my friend’s life,
He’s got a better friend than me,
Only when there is no less in the world..!!


The strings of relationships are weak,
The words of the eyes are thieves of the heart,
Whenever God asked the meaning of friendship,
Our fingers are on your side..!!


Humming was brought by writing in the destiny,
Got a giggle as a gift from friends..!!


The life that went on moment by moment
Keep burning the light that keeps on blooming moment by moment
The love that never leaves friendship..!!


What would be more important than relationships?
What would be a bigger prayer than friendship?
Whoever finds a friend like you,
What will he complain about in life..!!


True friends never let us fall
In someone’s eyes, not in anyone’s feet..!!


let me blow the air of friendship
let me be someone’s best friend
In love, I also got pain
Now let me pay the duty of friendship..!!


In friendship there is no war, no day,
This is the feeling in which there is only a friend.
Heard some angels from the house of God
Some who fled, returned and
Some have become friends with our beloved..!!


Has descended from the sky, is decorated with stars,
is bathed in the moonlight,
Be careful my friend, keep this friendship,
This is my lifetime earning..!!


Life is a storm, Sahil is your friendship,
Journey is my life, the destination is your friendship,
I will get heaven after death
Life long if your friendship is safe..!!


How beautiful would that death be,
Who has to come in the love of friends,
God bless we die first
Because even heaven will not be a punishment for friends.


Hindi Shayari

telegram join us

A friend is not the one who disappears,
cut like paths,
Friend, that’s a lovely feeling,
In which everything gets reduced in a moment..!!


A letter in the name of a friend,
What did you do with it in your pocket?
Those passing by ask,
What is the name of the perfume…!!


A feeling that never hurts,
And a relationship that never ends..!!


Style it in such a way that the world can see,
And friend, do such a thing that the world keeps burning..!!

best friend shayari


I wish I could find a reason to meet again,
Whatever you spent, get that moment,
Let’s close our eyes
Do you know if you can get tomorrow in dreams..!!


People say that God is not found on the ground,
Maybe those people don’t get any friend from you..!!


Trust is won, not asked,
Friendship is the wealth that is earned, it is not found..!!


Even if you throw stones, you will fill your bag,
Because we do not reject the gifts of friends..!!


Maintaining a relationship is not everyone’s thing,
You have to hurt your heart for someone else’s happiness..!!


In my childhood my friends did not have a watch.
But everyone had time,
Today everyone has a clock but no time..!!


Everyone loves time my friend,
Have fun only when times change and friends don’t change..!!


Who says friendship ruins,
Oh man, if someone is going to play, then the world remembers..!!

dosti yari shayari


Our friend is like the zero of mathematics,
You increase the price of the one you live with..!!


Yaara teri yari, I considered God to be
The world will remember you my Afsana..!!


In friendship a friend is a friend of a friend,
It is felt when a friend is separated from a friend..!!


There is never any rule in the friendship of friends,
And there is no school to teach this..!!


Someone asked us, how do so many friends fit in such a small heart?
We said, just like in a small palm all the lines of life are merged..!!


The law of nature is friend and picture,
If you make it with your heart, then their colors will definitely shine..!!


People give their lives in friendship,
But don’t give your life’s mobile number..!!


I love you not because you are beautiful in appearance,
But that’s why your heart is also beautiful..!!


friend meaning is very important
Who “ends” our “fault”
He is the true friend in the true sense!!


We also played an unrequited friendship.
In return we got only risk..!!


How strange is this bond of friendship,
If you meet, then things are long and if you get separated, then memories are long !!


Please tell me that I can get it, friend
I have heard that the voice of angels is in the prayers of friends..!!


Friends are not bought, they are bastards,
Who never wants to see you Sharif..!!


I value that friend,
Who makes time for me on his calendar,
But I cherish that friend,
Who does not see his calendar for me..!!


Some people say that friendship should be made with equal people,
But we say that there should never be equality in friendship..!!

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