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Zindagi Shayari

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Dard Zindagi Shayari


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My life turned then
When someone who brought me down turned out to be his own !!


don’t give up hope for tomorrow
The day will be better than today..!!


The entanglement in life is not decreasing, then understand
You are about to achieve something great!!


My life turned then
When someone who brought me down turned out to be his own !!


don’t give up hope for tomorrow
The day will be better than today..!!


The entanglement in life is not decreasing, so understand
You are about to achieve something great!!


We can change someone’s eyes
But no one cares!!


Learn to understand some human beings, sir.
Can’t imagine the pain just by looking at the smile!!


In my own life, they keep entangled me and go away,
People don’t understand anything, they just go away after understanding it !!


Trying once to lose the knot,
So it is not necessary to use scissors every time !!


Life got entangled in solving every question,
Then neither life is solved nor the questions of life !!

life is too short poetry


We spent this life making others happy,
Now I need some time to spend with myself!!


It is very difficult journey whose name is life,
People have to live and God has done to die.


One breath decreases every moment from everyone’s share,
Somebody takes life and some one gets cut !!


Whoever comes, goes
This world has to come
Everyone here is a traveler,
There is life in the journey!!


If on the path of life,
get tired of walking
So sit down for a while
What’s the hurry, Ghalib!!


It is not possible to live what you have read,
I keep life separate from books!!


One thing is certain in life,
that nothing is fixed….!!


I am waiting for the last pages of my life,
I have heard that everything turns out well in the end….!!


Listen, life comes and talks about 2 things
You must have been tired, you too were running away from me !!


Who remembers the faithful here,
Be unfaithful and look, the whole world will remember !!


life teaches a lot
Sometimes laughing and sometimes life makes you cry
But life bows before those who are happy.


Life has its own game
sad i can’t sleep with man
And happy I don’t let man sleep!!


I have learned an experience from life
till then no one can beat man
Until he gives up himself!!


It’s a slap in the face of time, sir.
My fakiri, what is your richness?


only people who show themselves
One day it will tell
That too is not less than any other!!


How have the roads changed nowadays?
for a few smiles
Jokes have to be told too!!


Life is also a journey
Here I am waiting for someone or the other !!

shayari of life


where there is good
there is evil
O life here all the time human
Experience learning..!!


when i was innocent i used to enjoy life
If you are intelligent then life is enjoying..!!


grow up you will live
life on its own terms,
on this childhood thought
Laughs a lot now..!!


best way to be happy in life
hope good way
Keep it not from everyone..!!


tears in eyes smile on lips
wah re wah life
That’s your identity!!


life has become like a joker
who comes his own entertainment
does and goes!!


I had a thought that my eyes were sparkling.
How close are tears to someone’s memory!!


Life is not just about keeping your breath going
It is necessary to have some dreams in the eyes and hope in the heart.

Dard Zindagi Shayari


I don’t have that much experience in life
But have heard that people do not let live in simplicity !!


Life is never easy, it has to be easy
Ignoring some and tolerating some!!


life tell you how to love you
Every single morning of yours gives me a sense of distance from loved ones!!


Why is it like this in life
The one whom we love very much, life takes him away from us.


Wrong who did wrong on your promise
I’ve waited for you all my life!!


If there was no love, I would have told
Your one silence ruined my life!!


You don’t even understand love
As long as you were with me, my life was there !!


strangely passing life
Has ruled the hearts yet still yearns for love !!


The matter of life is also strange, sir.
Taught to handle by stumbling !!


What used to be me and what am I now
I am a child too, I am completely lost somewhere..!!


Who says life is too short? , ,
The truth is that we start living late. ,


Well, life was a lot of complaints from your journey,
But when the pain reached to register, there were many queues !!


Don’t ask, O God, give life of a hundred years,
Give it for a few moments but give it amazing!!


Life took some kind of attitude,
Whoever turned in whichever way he wanted,
went with whoever needed
And then left alone in a moment!!

—#51—Zindagi Shayari

It’s not necessary to have a good start,
You start it’s important!!

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