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Zindagi Shayari Hindi

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zindagi shayari hindi


One breath decreases every moment from everyone’s share,
Some take life and some are cut off.


Don’t worry so much about your existence, O life,
It is death that is being given to you.


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Life you tell me how to love you,
Every single morning of yours shortens my life.


It is not possible to live what you have read,
I keep life separate from books.


Have seen life so close,
The faces are starting to look strange.


It is not possible to live what you have read,
I keep life separate from books.


I had a thought that my eyes were sparkling.
How close are tears to someone’s memory


Sometimes khirad sometimes madness robbed,
Life has robbed us in some way.


If you are angry with me, then leave me alone,
Oh life, don’t make me a spectacle everyday.


There are people like this in life
What we can’t drink, only want


The courage to live never the desire to die,
Days were just like this in the sun and shade itself too.

life poetry


My life also passed in a strange way,
Thought something, did something, happened something, got something.


How easy was it for us to sleep in childhood,
I used to fall asleep after listening to fairy tales.


don’t give up hope for tomorrow
The day will be better than today….


when i was innocent i used to enjoy life
If you are smart then life is enjoying


I had a thought that my eyes lit up
How close are tears to someone’s memory


Life is not just about keeping the breath going
It is necessary to have some dreams in the eyes and hope in the heart.


Life is never easy, it has to be easy
ignoring some by tolerating some


The matter of life is also strange, sir.
Taught to handle by stumbling !!


Make every moment of life beautiful
The more you tolerate, the stronger you will become!!


Now there is no hope from life,
Let it go the way it has to go!!


Now I am tired of this mean world,
My silence means I’m broken!!


Time has made me smart
We used to be good too!!


Trying once to lose the knot,
So it is not necessary to use scissors every time !!


Life will find the meaning of living openly,
The day I learned to laugh even in difficulties !!


We are tired of walking alone
This journey of life never ends.


O life! Do not scatter me by breaking like this;
No one is with me, who will take care of me?


It is very difficult journey whose name is life,
People have to live and God has done it to die.

live life poetry


Life was darst-e-gham and nothing else,
It is my only courage that I have passed through the middle.


Life is like a tawaif
Sometimes dances in compulsion, sometimes in fame.


Don’t misbehave so much… Oh life,
Which one are we going to come here again and again?

—#32—Shayari in Hindi

There is so much to say and ask that you have a life,
I’m just looking for a way to explain and a word.


Why only the wise bow in every agreement,
If someone has a peek at once, see how much it breaks from inside.


Not every dream and every wish comes true,
You are not necessary in everyone’s life.


Struggling, falling apart, falling apart,
In this way life continued to flourish.


love life and yourself only then we
You can live life in a better way.

life is too short poetry


if you want to get something in life
So change your thinking, not your intention.


The drops of his memories rained down again,
The soil of life is starting to smell.


oh life why don’t my emphasis on you
Come on, why have you given me everything?


Life wants me to be happy
I am waiting for an accident to happen.


Do not tell your condition till any person
Looking at life how much we are smiling.


I don’t have that much experience in life, friends
But people say that simplicity does not cut here.


where there is good there is evil
O life is here all the time
Human experience is taught.


Sometimes khirad sometimes madness robbed,
Life has robbed us in some way.


Live the moment that is with you for the rest of your life,
This fucking life is not trustworthy.


Mix it in the soil that cannot be separated,
Now I can’t be more yours than this……!!


Only one person is entitled in the universe…
Not everyone is loved on the path of love…!


There is so much to say and ask that you have a life,
I’m just looking for a way to explain and a word.


By saving your mind from the attachment of these relationships,
Your life can be kept alive.


If you do not face hard work in life,
so hunger won’t leave you


Why do those people come in our life?
Who had to be separated

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